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It may seem as though you’re on your own when it comes to figuring out how to build and maintain good credit, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of tools available to help you with your credit — but the hard part is finding them. To help with this, we’ve put together this list of credit solutions it can be helpful to know about.

4 Credit Solutions That Can Help You Manage Your Credit

1. Websites Where You Can Review Your Credit Reports

First of all, it’d be pretty tough to manage your credit without knowing the state of your credit to begin with. Luckily, there are plenty of websites that can help you review your credit reports. is one such website, and it enables you to view all of your credit reports for free once per year. It was created by the three main credit reporting companies, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, and makes it easy to view your reports from each online or to have them mailed to you.

Once you’ve used up your annual free credit report view on, you can continue to review your credit reports more often via a variety of tools that show you a snapshot of one or more of your credit reports. Upturn Credit does this, for example, and enables you to review your TransUnion credit report. You can find other places to see your credit reports for free here.

2. Applications That Can Show You One of Your Credit Scores for Free

As you might have already noticed, you won’t see any of your credit scores on any of your free credit reports from the credit reporting companies. Even though the information on credit reports can be used to determine your scores, credit scoring companies are different from credit reporting companies, and they make two different products.

The two main credit scoring companies are FICO® and VantageScore®, and there are many places you can go to see at least one version of one of your scores for free. Upturn Credit shows you one of your VantageScore credit scores, for example, and you can view a list of other places to find your credit scores for free here.

3. Websites That Help You Monitor Your Credit and Track Your Progress

If you’re worried about identity theft or are interested in a regular credit progress report, there are a number of credit monitoring websites you might find interesting. These websites often let you see a snapshot of one of your credit reports, view one of your credit scores, and alert you to changes to your credit. Some of these tools even tell you steps to take to improve your credit.

Those alerts can be especially useful if you fear your financial information has gotten into the wrong hands, as it enables you to catch anything suspect much faster than if you were only checking your credit reports once per year. As for where you can find these websites, Upturn Credit does it, the credit reporting companies have their own credit monitoring products, and there are many other tools and apps that perform this function.

4. Tools That Help You Dispute Credit Reporting Errors

So, what if you end up finding an error on your credit report? You can get help disputing the error.

One option is to dispute the error directly with the credit reporting company where the error is reported. This can usually be done via phone, fax, mail, or online. Upturn Credit also lets you dispute your credit with the click of a button, but right now it only works for disputes to TransUnion, not Equifax or Experian.

Dispute credit report mistakes for FREE with Upturn Credit’s free tool

There are other people and services who offer this function, but it’s important to know that you don’t have to pay to dispute an error on your credit report. If someone is charging you to do this, you’re paying for their time and assistance, not the dispute itself.

The Importance of Taking Ownership of Your Credit

Given the number of new credit solutions popping up regularly, it’s easier than ever to take ownership of your credit future. Even if your credit isn’t where you’d like it to be today, there are many tools out there to help you improve it, protect it, and watch your progress.

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