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If you need to make a large purchase or pay off high-interest debt, personal loans can help. But where can you go to find them? Since there are so many personal loan options out there, we decided to take a look at some of the best of them around the United States. This article looks at some of the best in the Atlanta area.

Thanks to the focus on their local communities, this list is comprised of credit unions — but you can also find personal loans online or at your preferred local or larger banks with a quick online search or by visiting your local branch. All rates listed here are current as of July 5, 2019.¹

Some of the Best Personal Loan Options in Atlanta

CDC Federal Credit Union

CDC Federal Credit Union was created for employees of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Now, however, the credit union serves these companies and the communities of DeKalb, Fulton, and Gwinnett Counties.

  • Founded: 1949
  • Stats: $303 million in assets
  • Unsecured Personal Loan APR: 5.50% minimum

On the Grid Financial

On the Grid Financial has gone through many mergers to become what it is today. Originally created for employees of the Georgia Power Company Atlanta Division, this credit union is now open to employees of the electric utility industry who live in the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

  • Founded: Founded in 1935 as Georgia Power Atlanta Federal Credit Union; after multiple years and mergers the name was changed to “On the Grid Financial” in 2015
  • Stats: Undisclosed
  • Unsecured Personal Loan APR: 7.24% minimum

Delta Community Credit Union

A small group of Delta Airlines Employees created this credit union in 1940, and now it serves a variety of people in multiple Georgia counties. You can look here to see if you’re eligible to join.

  • Founded: 1940
  • Stats: More than $5.9 billion in assets and nearly 400,000 members
  • Unsecured Personal Loan APR: 7.00% – 17.25%

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Credit Union of Georgia

Started for teachers and faculty of local schools, Credit Union of Georgia now serves a variety of people in Georgia. Check this list to see if your work, family, or residence makes you eligible.

  • Founded: 1960
  • Stats: As of 2016, the credit union had 32,045 members and $274,137,447 in assets
  • Unsecured Personal Loan APR: 7.74% minimum

Platinum Federal Credit Union

Platinum Federal Credit Union was founded to serve the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslim Community and continues to serve all members of this faith throughout the United States.

  • Founded: 1999
  • Stats: More than $94 million in assets and more than 9,000 members
  • Unsecured Personal Loan APR: 7.99% minimum

Navy Federal Credit Union

Men and women who serve in all branches of the armed forces (and their families) can join Navy Federal Credit Union and can be members for life, as can Department of Defense personnel. Learn more about membership requirements here.

  • Founded: 1933
  • Stats: More than $97 million in assets and more than 8 million members
  • Unsecured Personal Loan APR: 8.19% – 18%

United Methodist Connectional Federal Credit Union

All members of United Methodist Church in Georgia, Florida, and Alabama-West can join this credit union, as can staff of the church and affiliated organizations and ministries. You can call the number here to check for your own eligibility.

  • Founded: United Methodist Connectional Federal Credit Union came about as a merger between Georgia Methodist Federal Credit Union (founded in 1960), Alabama-West Florida Methodist Credit Union (founded in 1967), and Florida United Methodist Credit Union (founded in 1969); the mergers took place in 2005 and 2012.
  • Stats: More than $27 million in assets
  • Unsecured Personal Loan APR: 8.99% minimum

Coca-Cola Federal Credit Union

Coca-Cola employees and their families and contractors who “provide support” to Coca-Cola can join the Coca-Cola Federal Credit Union. Employees of subsidiaries of the Coca-Cola Company can also join. Check here to see if you might be eligible.

  • Founded: 1965
  • Stats: $182 million in assets
  • Unsecured Personal Loan APR: 9.25% minimum

Bond Community Federal Credit Union

Originally coined the Bass Organization for Neighborhood Development, BOND Community Federal Credit Union started out in a kitchen and now serves the communities outlined here. Family members are also eligible, as are employees, homeowners, and volunteers of Atlanta Habitat for Humanity. Volunteers or members of Sevananda Natural Foods Market, WRFG Radio Free Georgia, and SoPo Bicycle Cooperative also can join.

  • Founded: 1972
  • Stats: Nearly 5,000 members and about $40 million in assets
  • Unsecured Personal Loan APR: 13.00% minimum

¹This list of loans is provided for informational purposes only. Upturn Credit does not endorse any particular loan or have any relationship with the lenders. You should review all product information carefully before applying for any loan.

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